• Staged Reading in The Peter Jay Sharp Theatre at Playwrights Horizons in association with BZ genesis works, December 2016. Directed by Jamie Watkins.

  • Staged Reading at The National Opera Center with The Pantry, January 2016. Directed by Brian Reager.

  • In-house reading at Marymount Manhattan College.

When Zoe—who has been following her ex-boyfriend home at night—comes home after trying to drown herself in Central Park Lake, her two roommates Jessie and Michelle check her into the overpriced Samson Hill Mental Mental Health Hospital. Into their waiting room enters Alex, a wannabe-Patch Adams Medical Assistant from hell with way too many invasive questions. The group therapies and namaste’s seem to be working, until Zoe relapses and everyone is immediately thrown into their own personal nuthouses. With painkiller prescriptions increasing rapidly and the state of Mental Health continuously stigmatized and labeled, POP serves as an examination on “the certifiably fucking crazy person” in all of us.

tHE PARTY PLAY (CO-WRITTEN WITH PJ ADZIMA and ALLISON SCOTT)                                    

  • Staged reading at Marymount Manhattan College, December 2014

What happens when your best friend gets famous? A bunch of high school screw-ups get together for a drunken reunion they hope never to remember. As facades fade and jealousy rises, feelings are trampled on, love is jeopardized, and somebody has totally spiked the punch bowl. THE PARTY PLAY is a bleak and tumultuous comedy about celebrity obsessions, impossible hope and the difference between loving someone and livin’ for ‘em. 


PJ Adzima, Olivia Macklin, Adam Warwinksy.    Photographer: Liz Allocca

PJ Adzima, Olivia Macklin, Adam Warwinksy.

Photographer: Liz Allocca

  • Reading at The Drama League with Wide Eyed Productions, July 2014. Directed by Steven Walker-Webb

  • Production at The Access Theatre with The Semicolon Theatre Company, March 2014. Directed by Miranda Cornell

World Premiere at the 2013 New York International Fringe Festival. Presented at The Teatro SEA, directed by Jake Ahlquist, produced by Jenna Grossano/JP Productions.                                                             

Taylor, Steve and Will are the three most hyper intelligent, over-privileged and foul-mouthed Seniors at Millington High School. With a month till graduation and their golden achievement oriented futures mapped out, the trio perform a vengeful prank that goes horribly awry, causing a classmate to commit suicide. As news breaks and mayhem ensues throughout the district, our future must confront the divide between who they thought they were and who they will prove to be. Set in the politically hostile spring of 2012, VERY BAD WORDS serves as a pitch black comedy that delves into the complexities of opportunism, consequences and affluenza.   


“American middle education is pilloried in Jacob Presson’s ‘Very Bad Words,’ a bristling portrait of vanity, ambition and prejudice...his obscenity-infused script brims with adolescent authenticity. ”   – The New York Times

“A thoughtful, exploratory, funny, horrifying look at a serious problem in our society...Presson has brilliantly laid out the case for necessary reform by telling a story about perpetrators rather than the victim.” – The Examiner


'MYSTIFYING' published by smart kids with learning disabilities

'WHY SO SERIOUS' published by this i believe