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jp-jp p-ductions  

"The duo's absurd, self-aware comedy is a breath of fresh air and while the series is certainly strange, something about the complete lack of regard for a strict formula makes it all the more enjoyable."                                                                            - Jade Budowski,
"Wonderfully wacky."                                                                                                       - Jade Budowski,                                                    

words, razors, and the wounded heart
less than rent theatre

"Rounding out the cast is Jacob Presson in a particularly impressive, versatile performance."
- Jan Rosenberg, Show Business Weekly
"The ensemble is similarly first-rate, with particularly unforgettable work turned in by Jacob Presson as Matty Pags."
- Martin Denton,
"The actors throughout absolutely vibrate... It was an uplifting and exciting inspiration to be in the same room with them."
- Mark Ransom, MD Ransom

much ado about nothing
shakespeare on the sound

"The entire cast deserves a round of applause."
-Anita Gates, The New York Times

“The ensemble is wildly appealing across the board.”
-Scott Brown, New York Magazine


Very Bad Words
the new york international fringe festival

"American middle education is pilloried in Jacob Presson's 'Very Bad Words,' a bristling portrait of vanity, ambition and prejudice... his obscenity-infused script brims with adolescent authenticity."                     
- Andy Webster, The New York Times
"A thoughtful, exploratory, funny, horrifying look at a serious problem in our society... Presson has brilliantly laid out the case for necessary reform by telling a story about perpetrators rather than the victim... Get thee now to a provocative and necessary production."

- Michael D. Jackson, The Examiner
"Bold... A success."
- Taylor Shann,
"These kids may feel they are gifted but it is the author Jacob Presson who really is gifted."
- Eva Heinemann, Hi! Drama   
- Michael Block, Theatre in the Now